Eating out can be particularly challenging when you are trying to watch your weight. But if you plan carefully, you can still accept dinner invitations with a clear conscience.

Recipe for “the day after”: vegetable soup with chicken and rice (for 1 person)

1 carrot, 1 small leek, 100 g fresh celery, 3 mushrooms, 2 tbsp. rice, 120 g chicken breast, root ginger, soy sauce, fat-free vegetable bouillon.

Finely slice the vegetables and mushrooms and sweat for a few minutes in about a teaspoon full of olive oil, then stir in about 400 ml of vegetable bouillon, along with the rice. Bring to the boil, and simmer over a low heat for about 20 minutes. Cut the chicken into small cubes, add to the soup and continue cooking on a low heat for about ten more minutes. Add grated root ginger and soy sauce to taste.

The term “balanced meal” refers to one that includes at least salad and/or vegetables, and sources of starch and protein respectively.

For example:


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