22.08.2016 - Visit of Ricefarmers

Uma Devi Mayal from India and Botan Saenmi from Thailand are rice farmers in the sustainability project 'fair & good'. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Reismühlenbrunnen they reported personally about their work and told how their life had changed through the project. They also had the opportunity to visit a Swiss organic farm. The exchange with Vreni and Alfred Spaltenstein from Natur-Ernteland Spaltenstein in Kloten was very interesting for both parties.


21.06.2019 Project Thailand OASIS

The rice in our project in Thailand has been planted in May. The weather and temperature was beneficial for the rice so far. Currently, we are waiting for a yield forecast from OASIS. Recently, the method 'laser land leveling' was conducted on one farm as a demonstration. Thereby, the variance in elevation could be reduced from 50cm to 4cm, which has a huge advantageous impact on water conservation. Other innovative projects related to yield enhancement, water management, weed management and biogas plants are being continuously introduced and tested at selected farms. Furthermore, we have launched another project to support and finance further training and projects to improve sustainable farming in close collaboration with the Coop Sustainability Fund.

21.06.2019 Project India NBF

The rainy season in India was delayed this year. The rice in India was therefore planted later than usual. At the moment, we are hoping for an ideal rainy season for the rice. Continually, the water infrastructure is being expanded and ponds and solar pumps are set up. For example, a water tank was recently delivered to Patkot. Thus, the local cooperative is provided by a clean water supply because the drinking water is properly conveyed. 3900 biogas plants have already been built but 489 of them require maintenance. Furthermore, training in sustainable composting is needed. The compost can later be used as slurry for the fields.